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The Way To a Man's Heart

Title: The Way To a Man's Heart
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (Jon/Ryan)
Rating: PG
Summary: Brendon ruins Spencer's waffles for life.
Word count: ~2000
Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction.
A/N: This is the sequel to Seven Days without Hot Cocoa Makes One Weak. I dedicate this to seratonation and hope it makes her happy enough to conjure a Patronus. Beta'd by the sexy devilswhore_x

Thursday is the only day Spencer doesn’t have classes in the morning. He wakes up early, makes a mental to-do list, and heads to the kitchen, passes Ryan’s bedroom on the way and knocks on his door loudly so he wakes up for work. He doesn’t sigh at the dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, he’s stopped doing so a long time ago. He rinses them and places the really dirty ones into the dishwasher and wipes the counter clean. Then he discovered the waffle iron. Spencer looks at the clock on the oven and decides he has time to make breakfast for Ryan.

The coffee has finished brewing by the time Ryan comes out of his room, cuffing his wrist while Spencer’s done making a second batch of waffles.

“Ooh, breakfast.”

“Hmm. I made waffles. There’s coffee too.”

“If Jon ever leaves me, I’m marrying you.”

“I’m nobody’s second choice,” Spencer says with a straight face and starts with his waffles. It doesn’t taste bad, but something is off. “Are the eggs still good?”

“I don’t know, you’re the one who buys the groceries.”

“Yeah, about that. You should buy the groceries sometimes.”

“But I don’t know where you get the stuff I like.”

Spencer pushes his plate away, watching Ryan wolfs down his breakfast quickly. “You eat grossly, Ross. It’s not even that good.”

“What are you talking about? It’s fine. It’s great, in fact, you haven’t made me waffles for so long.”

“You can have mine if you want.”

“You’re my favoritest housewife, Spence.”


On Monday morning, the class finishes early because the professor’s wife went into labor. Spencer follows some of the guys to the cafeteria to eat, and one of them, Sean, buys everyone waffles because it’s his birthday.

“Congrats, dude, you’re gonna share the same birthday as Professor West’s child,” Spencer says. When Spencer eats his waffles, it tastes bland. The texture is perfect, just the way Spencer likes it, not too soft, not too crunchy. But it seems like there’s something missing in the ingredients. Spencer finishes it anyway, thinking maybe he’s had too many waffles in his life already and now he’s sick of them.

Spencer stays in the college library for the rest of the day, feeling moody for no reason at all, until Ryan calls him to go to Jon’s coffee shop to get his usual chocolate fix. Spencer really likes the delicious hot chocolate as well, so he doesn’t argue when Ryan tells him to meet him there. He pushes the door open and the little bell above it chimes and sees Ryan inside sitting by the window. Then Greta comes out of the kitchen, carrying two cups of hot chocolate on a tray.

“Hello, Spencer!” she chirps, and Spencer sends a smile her way. He likes that Greta remembers his name already. He takes a seat in front of Ryan as she places the cups on the table. Spencer says thanks and takes a sip.

“How’s school?” Ryan says without looking up from his book.

“Fine, dad,” Spencer rolls his eyes. He takes a look around; the place is still the same as the first time he came here. “Why is it so quiet today?” he observes.

“Lack of customers as usual, and it is Brendon’s off day,” Jon says, settling down beside Ryan, not so subtly stretching and resting his hand on Ryan’s shoulders. Spencer rolls his eyes again when Ryan ducks his head with a small smile. “If you want to eat anything, he made a huge batch of cookies yesterday.”

“I’m fine.” Spencer remembers Brendon, of course he does, that obnoxious kid who called him a girl. He’s hung out with Jon a few times already, but this is the only third time he’s been here because he refuses to see Brendon. Ryan has been trying to woo him to come to the coffee shop by bringing Jon’s hot chocolate home every other day.

He huffs quietly and drinks his chocolate, ignoring Jon and Ryan.


Spencer’s talking to his mother on the phone when Ryan peeks into his room. He sits on the bed and waits until Spencer finishes the call. “Can we bring movie night to Jon’s place?”


“Because,” Ryan paused, fiddling with the bed sheet, “I don’t want to ditch my best friend to hang out with my boyfriend.”

Spencer hides a smile at the word ‘boyfriend’. Ryan doesn’t use that word often. “Okay, that actually is not a bad idea.”

“Sure, since Jon suggested it.”

Spencer laughs. “I should’ve known.”

“I try not to be offended by that,” Ryan huffs.

When they arrived at Jon’s apartment and immediately hears Brendon’s bubbly laugh, he stabs Ryan’s ribs accusingly with his finger. “Is that Brendon?”

“Ow,” Ryan rubs at the sore spot. “I’m surprised you recognize his voice.”

“You’re no longer my best friend,” Spencer heaves a sigh just as Brendon opens the door.

“Spencer, hi,” Brendon greets him with a smile plastered on his face.

“Hi,” Spencer says, getting a feeling that he’s the only one who doesn’t know that Brendon would be here as well. Brendon is standing so close, he swears he could smell Brendon’s fruity shampoo scent. “We brought the snacks,” Spencer says dumbly.

“You gonna let us in?” Ryan pipes in from Spencer’s back when Brendon doesn’t move.

“Right!” Brendon’s voice is a little high-pitched, it’s kind of stupidly adorable. “Let me take that.” He reaches for the paper bag in Spencer’s hand and Spencer deliberately let their hands brush against each other. Brendon stammers something unintelligible, and heads to, Spencer assumes, the kitchen. Jon appears from the kitchen to kiss his boyfriend hello.

“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,” he says, and before Spencer can interrupt, he adds, “and then we can have movie marathon all night, Spence.”

Dinner is superb, at least to Spencer, who doesn’t always get to eat home cooked meal without having to cook it for himself, though Spencer guesses that it’s not so much fun for Brendon. Okay, Spencer does think that Brendon’s cuteness is above average; maybe things would be different if they met in different circumstances. Spencer opts to tease Brendon instead, knowing Brendon’s little crush on him. He keeps eye fucking Brendon and let himself get caught, and after a few times, Brendon seems to squirm, laughs at Ryan’s jokes too loud and stalls during conversations when he feels Spencer’s gaze on him. It’s weird that Brendon seems embarrassed by Spencer’s idea of flirting, since he’s kind of forward about hitting on Spencer the other day.

Jon is oblivious about whatever’s going on at the table, he’s enthusiastically telling Ryan about his new employee candidates that he interviewed today. At some point Brendon chimes in, and Ryan stealthily kicks Spencer’s feet. “Leave him alone.”

“You never let me have fun,” Spencer mutters. They skip desert to leave room for the popcorn, and Spencer offers to help clean the kitchen while Jon and Ryan pick the movies. He carries all the dishes to the sink while Brendon loads the dishwasher.

“I’m just gonna finish this in a bit,” Brendon sends him a quick smile, “You don’t have to wait for me.”

“It’s fine,” Spencer says, eyeing Brendon properly from head to toe. “I’d rather stay here than argue with Ryan about movies with subtitles.” He smiles when Brendon laughs.

“And you still do this every week?”

“It’s been our ritual for years.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Long enough to feel relieved that Jon finally took him out of my hair.”

Brendon shakes his head with a smile. “Sorry if I’m intruding the ritual,” he starts, “but Jon said I could come.”

Spencer doesn’t say that he didn’t even know that they’d be watching movies at Jon’s place tonight. “At least I’ll have company when they finally decide that making out on the couch is a better idea than movies.”

“I’ll stand by you, Spencer Smith,” he beams. “Okay, I’m done. Let’s grab the popcorn bowls.”

Spencer pointedly doesn’t look at Ryan when Jon says they’re watching the Spiderman trilogy; he just concludes that Ryan would do anything when it comes to Jon. He flops down on the couch next to Brendon, carefully sitting too close to him when there’s obviously a lot more space for both of them. He can feel that Brendon stiffens at the contact and smirks inwardly. This boy totally wants him.


The last thing Spencer remembers is how Peter Parker suddenly becomes so fucking hot when the black alien thingy consumes him, and then suddenly Jon is shaking him awake. “You should go crash in the spare bedroom, Brendon can take the couch,” Jon says sleepily.

Spencer rubs his eyes a few times, noticing that he’s leaning against Brendon’s shoulder. Brendon stirs when he moves. “Why do I have to sleep on the couch?” he mumbles grumpily.

“You’re used to it,” Jon says with a small smile. “Or you can sleep with Spencer if you want.”

Brendon seems to properly wake up at that. “Oh n- no, it’s fine,” he stammers. “I’ll sleep here.”

“I don’t mind,” Spencer says.

“No, it’s fine, really,” Brendon says, his eyes wide.

Jon raises his eyebrows, saying, “I’ll bring pillows and blankets.” Spencer pretends he doesn’t see Jon mouthing ‘your loss’ at Brendon.

The smell of coffee brewing wakes Spencer up this time. He squints at the clock on the wall, thinking that it’s still too early to wake up. He dozes off for a bit until he hears Brendon’s laughter wafting into the spare bedroom. Spencer stretches, makes himself wake up a bit more and heads towards the bathroom to wash his face.

Brendon’s making breakfast when he enters the kitchen, chatting animatedly with Jon. They hear his footsteps approaching and turn to look his way. “Morning, Spencer,” Jon says, getting up to get a cup of coffee for Spencer. Spencer takes it gratefully, watching Brendon moves around the kitchen as he drinks. He seems at ease, like he’s used to cooking in Jon’s kitchen, like he’s doing his most favorite thing in the world.

“Do you pay him to cook for you at home too?” Spencer asks Jon with a grin.

“He usually volunteers, and I usually let him,” Jon says, amused. “You don’t want to hear him criticizing my cooking.”

“Before you say anything about me being the worst friend ever, you gotta try eating anything Jon makes first,” Brendon says as he carefully places a plate of waffles on the table Jon and Spencer are sitting at. “Don’t let the awesome hot chocolate fool you, Jon can’t even make instant ramen edible.”

“That bad, huh?” Spencer smiles against his cup. Jon gets the chocolate spread for the waffles and Brendon took a seat across Spencer, much to his delight. Brendon catches him staring again, holds his gaze for a few seconds before he looks somewhere else, a shade of pink tainting his cheeks. Spencer thinks it’s adorable and endearing at the same time.

“I should go wake Ryan up, he’ll be pissed if he missed breakfast,” Jon says and heads towards his bedroom, leaving Brendon and Spencer alone in the kitchen. Spencer reaches for a waffle and smears a thick layer of chocolate on it as he watches Brendon intently. Brendon avoids looking at Spencer, sipping his coffee slowly, looking uncomfortable with the silence between them, and then opens his mouth. “This awkwardly reminds me of our first encounter the other day,” he says, smiling uncertainly. “I’m really sorry about the– the thing I said.”

Spencer is pretty sure he would rather not talk about that time again. “Don’t worry about that,” he almost snaps, and the sad look on Brendon’s face makes him feel all guilty and weary. “But you really do make excellent waffles,” he adds belatedly. Brendon gives him a half smile and practically trying to hide behind his coffee cup. Spencer heaves a sigh and takes an angry bite at the waffle, and surprisingly, unlike the last few waffles he’s had, it doesn’t taste wrong or bland. It’s perfect.

Spencer swallows. Now waffles are ruined for life, and it’s Brendon’s fault. “I hate you so fucking much,” Spencer blurts out.

“What?” Brendon gasps, looking up from his cup. “What did I do this time??”

Spencer sighs. “I don’t know what you put in your batter, but it’s your fault that I couldn’t eat waffles that other people made, that I made for myself. I used to fucking love them for breakfast, dammit.” Spencer says it so fast it makes him breathless.

Brendon laughs his bubbly laugh, nudging his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I have a secret ingredient,” he says leaning forward. “It’s this thing called love.”

Spencer looks straight at him and Brendon is blushing, but he’s holding his gaze. Spencer kicks at his leg under the table. “How much does Jon pay you for your service every morning?”

“A big sum, but for you I can make other adjustments,” he says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Yes,” Spencer beams so hard that his cheeks hurt. “Yes, I would like that.”

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