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Dallon Weekes Picspam for the birthday girl!

The other day, seratonation did a meme about bandom person in a given colour. She wanted to do Dallon (excuse the pun) but apparently Dallon doesn't wear pink all that much :/ So I made this craptastic picspam for her birthday! (I know it's lame, but school's been crazy, you know how it is!)

So, Dallon! Can I borrow you for a moment?

Say hi to everyone, Dallon!

As we all know, Dallon is with Panic.

Where some people said he looks like the supersized version of Brendon. (This is not a Bden picspam)

Oh I think I agree.

And I think he has a really great voice! I'm also a fan of The Brobecks.

Oh, right. Sorry fangirls, apparently our precious Dallon is a daddy!

Their bbs are so presh! *___*

My conclusion is, Dallon knows how to make babies because he's good in biology!

See? He just hearts anatomy.

But being an adult doesn't mean you can't play around and be goofy, right?

He's just being himself.

Yup. Just Dallon being Dallon.

I don't even.

With his evilfunny charms, he plans to conquer the world.

With his amazingly weird talents!

oic you're planning a war.

Um, that could be him doing some kind of ritual to raise the dead or something.

But I personally think that music is his bestest talent!


Now before the picspam ends, Dallon just wants to be cute.

Yes, dear, it has to end somehow :/ but now, be cute all you want :)

Or weird. Your call.

Okay, one last pic.

Awww, yes you'll be missed, Bden!

Alrighty then! Taking off for now!

There you go! I hope you love the present, Sera ;D

I do not claim these pictures as my own, so if they're yours and you want me to credit you for them, just comment or send me a message!
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